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8 Ways Patient Tracking Improves ASC Management

8 Ways a Patient Tracking System Helps Improve ASC Management

Does Your ASC Need to Improve the Way It Tracks Patient Milestones?

From the moment a patient steps into your surgery center, it’s vital to keep track of where that patient is in the care process from registration to discharge, ensuring staff knows where to be when, and that patient throughput is efficient.


A common challenge many ASCs face is the ability to track critical patient milestones in an automated way. Outdated dry erase boards and paper-based processes lead to inaccurate information, confusion, miscommunications, and delays.


To solve this issue, ASCs must find a way to consistently and accurately track patient milestones from the minute they enter your facility until they leave.


In our infographic, we reveal eight ways a patient tracking system that updates in near-real-time from clinical documentation can improve ASC management, broken down into three areas:


1. PreOp/PACU Tracking Board

2. OR Tracking Board

3. Waiting Room Tracking Board


Learn more about how electronic patient tracking can improve each of these areas as well as how patient tracking technology can truly make a difference in the management of your ASC.


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