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AIMS Interoperability With MEDITECH

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AIMS Interoperability with MEDITECH


Enabling anesthesia providers to dedicate more time to patient care improves outcomes, revenue, and productivity, while decreasing costs.

Hospitals using any MEDITECH EHR platform can achieve these goals and more by integrating SIS Anesthesia, an Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS). All points of integration have been tested with MEDITECH in their Vendor Zone.

Key Benefits:

  • Patient documentation from MEDITECH flows into the SIS Anesthesia record, giving anesthesia providers a comprehensive picture and allowing them to complete their documentation without redundant data entry.
  • Reliable interoperability of the clinical elements that are important to the patient and procedure improves interdepartmental communication by facilitating more effective handoffs where data is available in each system as opposed to manually re-entering.
  • Use your existing hardware that providers already use to access MEDITECH, eliminating the requirement to purchase additional hardware.
  • When documenting in the anesthesia record, providers can launch MEDITECH from SIS Anesthesia without needing to sign in again*.
  • Discrete data exchange allows all providers to have a complete record in one place, improving patient safety as important details will not be lost in PDF attachments elsewhere in the chart.


*Launch from SIS to MEDITECH only applicable to the Expanse platform.