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An Administrator's Guide to Ambulatory Surgery Center Technology


Ambulatory Surgery Center Management: A Comprehensive Technology Guide for ASC Administrators

What ASC Managers Should Know About Selecting New Technology and Software

Ambulatory surgery center (ASC) administrators have a lot on their plate these days, from managing staff, physicians, and scheduling to best ensuring patient satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

That is why it's never been more essential for ASCs to add and leverage technology systems and solutions that will help them manage their facility's unique requirements and meet the needs of all stakeholders.

This detailed eBook is designed to help today's administrators and managers learn how to identify and deploy the right ASC solutions for their facility. Topics discussed include:

  • Key drivers for adopting new ASCs technology
  • Benefits of ASC-specific solutions
  • Role of patient tracking technology
  • Differences between ASC software and hospital- and practice-focused software
  • Steps to evaluate ASC software options and vendors
  • Current ASC industry trends and developments

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