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Surgery Center Regulatory Compliance Mock Survey Case Study

Carolina Coast Surgery Center Achieves AAAHC Certification with Mock Survey by SIS™

AAAHC/Medicare Status Case StudyAn outside ASC expert was needed, within a short timeframe, to help review policies and procedures for Standards' Compliance in a new ASC.

Read how a Regulatory Compliance Mock Survey by Ann Geier of SIS Advisory Services helped Carolina Coast Surgery Center to:

  • Achieve AAAHC/Medicare Deemed Status on first attempt
  • Complete training more quickly and cost effectively
  • Thoroughly prepare and educate staff


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Tammy Andrews, CASC, Administrator
Carolina Coast Surgery Center


Partnering with a highly experienced, AAAHC-certified expert like Ann Geier ensured no policy or task was overlooked. The time saved by enlisting the help of Ann allowed us to focus on the many other details involved when opening a new ASC.”

– Tammy Andrews, CASC, Administrator, Carolina Coast Surgery Center