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National ASC Month

August 2019

National ASC Month celebrates the ASC industry and promotes awareness by facilitating conversations between ASCs and their local and federal officials with site visits and facility tours.

Surgical Information Systems would like to invite you to contribute to our ASC awareness campaign in August! We're asking you to share your thoughts on what you'd  like our elected officials to know about ASC needs, what awareness looks like and why it is important. We'll share this, along with your favorite photo of your 'ASC family' on social media and on a special page on our website. In return, you'll be entered to win a National ASC month celebration pack for your facility.

Simply follow the instructions below to be eligible to win!

  1. Fill out the short form to the right.
  2. Click submit, and you will be able to add your favorite ASC family photo to the SIS Dropbox. Please be sure to name the file with both your name and facility name.
  3. We will choose an ASC every week in August to receive a National ASC Month celebration pack!
  4. Share your celebration with your friends and family on social! 


I hereby give my consent and unrestricted permission for Surgical Information Systems, LLC (SIS) to use, reuse and publish my written  submission with or without my photograph in all forms and media, including without limitation print, video, and online for advertising, trade, promotion and any other lawful purposes. I hereby waive all rights of privacy and to compensation, I hereby waive any right to inspect or pre approve any use or publication, and I hereby release SIS from any direct or indirect claims, liabilities, or damages arising out of or in connection with such use and publication. If at any time I do not wish for SIS to use my submission on a go-forward basis for the purposes stated above, I may submit written notice to info@sisfirst.com. I acknowledge that SIS cannot guarantee that previous uses of my submision will be removed from previously published media.