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SIS | Operate Smart
ASC Management Software Case Study

Pain Consultants of East Tennessee

SIS_LPgraphic_PainConsultTN.pngWhen Pain Consultants of East Tennessee (PCET) opened in 2013, they were mandated to use electronic medical records from day one. Management was tasked with building a new center, implementing EMR and ASC management solutions, and preparing the staff to chart electronically for the first time.

In this case study, learn how SIS ASC specific solutions and the dedicated services team at SIS helped PCET meet their challenges.

Results achieved:

  • Chart compliance tools to help ensure complete, timely, and compliant records.
  • Records management that supports easy search and retrieval of charts.
  • Chart preparation that supports high-volume environments.


I had never used an EMR before, and didn’t want to start. But once I began working with SIS, I had an instant change of heart.”

– Alana Booth, RN, CASC, Administrator, PCET

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