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Spine Team Texas Case Study

Spine Team Texas

Spine Team Texas Case Study

With seven locations in the Dallas-Fort Wort area, Spine Team Texas is a patient-centered, team-oriented group of clinicians, who hold weekly conferences to discuss best care practices for each of their cases.

In this case study, learn how SIS Charts™, a cloud-based electronic clinical documentation solution, provided an answer for several issues that  Spine Team Texas was experiencing.

Results Achieved:

  • Templates are easy to teach and maneuver through.
  • Simple to build templates through adding variables, customizing layout, and editing fields.
  • The intuitive design made the transition smooth for physicians.


“Everything I need is on a single screen. I can walk to the computer we keep in between operating rooms and complete my post-op note and the procedure note using these templates in just a few minutes, tops.”

– Anthony Berg, M.D., Anesthesiologist and Pain Management Specialist